Customer Success Story: General Beverage

General Beverage was facing an increased volume of BEC, VIP impersonation, malware and other targeted email attacks. They needed a security solution to catch threats that were slipping past their SEG and Microsoft Office native security defenses. Hear from Brien Borchardt, Director of IT at General Beverage, on why he uses Armorblox to keep his organization safe from targeted email attacks and data loss. 

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Why Armorblox?

Protect your organization against targeted email attacks and data loss with GPT and NLU-powered deep learning and ML. Armorblox understands the content and context of communications so organizations can communicate more securely over email.


Reduction in Response Time for User-reported Threats


Threats Stopped Each Month by Armorblox


Organizations Protected, and Counting


Minutes to Deploy via API, No MX Record Change Needed


Solution for Both Inbound and Outbound Protection

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See how Armorblox can protect your users from email attacks, prevent data loss, and save valuable time for your security team.

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