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Armorblox looks at thousands of signals to understand the context of email communications and stop email attacks that evade detection by traditional security tools. 

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  • The power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to recognize the content and context of emails
  • How Armorblox reduces up to 97% of manual work associated with user-reported phishing emails without creating any rules
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities that provide in-depth visibility into the organization's threat landscape  

Threats Stopped by Armorblox: 

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Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Social Engineering

Email Account Compromise

Graymail and Recon Threats

Payroll and Financial Fraud

Vendor and Supply Chain Compromise

Executive Impersonation and Phishing

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Why Armorblox?

Protect your organization against targeted email attacks and data loss with GPT and NLU-powered deep learning and ML. Armorblox understands the content and context of communications so organizations can communicate more securely over email.


Reduction in Response Time for User-reported Threats


Threats Stopped Each Month by Armorblox


Organizations Protected, and Counting


Minutes to Deploy via API, No MX Record Change Needed


Solution for Both Inbound and Outbound Protection

Partnering with Armorblox for our email security is the best decision I’ve taken, and it’s absolutely a yes to go with this solution.

Sridhar Yelgireddy

Head of Global IT Infrastructure

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