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Persisting Weaknesses in Email Security Despite Maturity

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Sponsored by Armorblox, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a leading research and advisory firm, conducted a research survey of 490 IT and security professionals with a focus on the challenges organizations face in securing the abundance of communication and collaboration tools used today.

Despite maturity, email security still has significant weaknesses, with 38% of respondents believing email is the channel most vulnerable to threat actors. This emphasizes the high level of risk associated with email communication, and the continued vulnerabilities of legacy security tools when it comes to protecting against sophisticated threats.

Key Findings

  • 39% of respondents stated spam/malware and 34% of respondents stated phishing/spear phishing/malicious links evaded security controls
  • 27% of respondents stated misaddressed emails slipped past native security layers
  • 26% of respondents indicated threats that penetrated security controls included wire transfer fraud, payroll fraud, payment fraud, other BEC attacks
  • 23% of respondents stated internal account compromise/takeover was the result of threats bypassing legacy layers
  • 23% of respondents indicated threats resulted in unintentional sensitive data leakage

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