Preventing Email Cybercrime

No one expects to be the next cybercrime victim - including every victim.

On-Demand Webinar

In today’s remote world, our email inboxes are more important but also more vulnerable. Targeted email scams like Business Email Compromise (BEC) continue to grow, and sub-optimal security hygiene makes the scammer's life easier.

Retired FBI Special Agent Scott Augenbaum spent years helping victims of cybercrime - email and otherwise. In this webinar, Scott will cover:

  • Insights gleaned from hundreds of interviews with cybercrime victims
  • Common vectors and tactics employed in cybercrime
  • Security hygiene best practices to reduce personal and business risk

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Spotlight Presenter

Scott Augenbaum

Retired FBI Special AgentAuthor, "The Secret to Cybersecurity"

Hosted By

Women in Cybersecurity

Northern Alabama Affiliate 

Women in Cybersecurity

Tennessee Affiliate 

What You Will Learn

What hundreds of cybercrime victims have in common - and why it matters.

Common vectors and tactics employed by cybercriminals.

Security hygiene best practices to reduce business and personal risk against cybercrime.

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