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How does Armorblox pricing work?

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Pricing is based on the number of employees that need protection.

How much does Armorblox cost per user?

It depends. The core Armorblox platform protects against a broad spectrum of targeted email attacks, vendor fraud, account takeover, impersonation, and social engineering attacks.  

Add-ons can be layered on top to provide additional capabilities, URL rewriting and advanced malware sandboxing, and outbound data protection with both out-of-the-box policies and custom policy creation capabilities.

Cisco is acquiring Armorblox

Have you heard the news? Cisco recently announced its intent to acquire Armorblox. Read more about how Cisco is furthering the AI-first security cloud.

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Armorblox Plans

Advanced URL Protection & Advanced Malware Detection

Advanced Threat Prevention

Protect against targeted email attacks and account takeover. Automate your email security operations. Educate end users.


Rewrite malicious URLs to protect users from malicious sites. Static and dynamic sandbox analysis of attachments for malware. 

Product Includes:

  • Financial Fraud Protection - Wire, Payroll, Payment
  • Credential Phishing Protection
  • Executive and Employee Impersonation Protection
  • Email Account Compromise Protection (Office 365)
  • Vendor Fraud Protection and Vendor Insights
  • Graymail Protection
  • Social Engineering Protection
  • Abuse Mailbox Remediation
  • Contextual Warning Banners
  • Search and Remediate
  • Scheduled Reports
  • API Support for SIEM and SOAR Integrations
  • SSO & 2FA Authentication Integrations

Advanced Data Loss Prevention


Stop sensitive data from leaving your organization. Configure custom identifiers to track and block specific types of data.

Why Armorblox?

Protect your organization against targeted email attacks and data loss with GPT and NLU-powered deep learning and ML. Armorblox understands the content and context of communications so organizations can communicate more securely over email.


Reduction in Response Time for User-reported Threats


Threats Stopped Each Month by Armorblox


Organizations Protected, and Counting


Minutes to Deploy via API, No MX Record Change Needed


Solution for Both Inbound and Outbound Protection

Partnering with Armorblox for our email security is the best decision I’ve taken, and it’s absolutely a yes to go with this solution.

Sridhar Yelgireddy

Head of Global IT Infrastructure

100 S. Murphy Avenue, Suite 200
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(650) 260-5352

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